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H2O Multi Media Components:

H2O has design an on-water communication system to bring together a multi media show on the water which includes:

  • Propane fire ball effects
  • Water screen
  • Water lighting
  • Lasers

Jack Ellison H2O Events has pioneered and are world leaders in designing and producing live interactive water ski and firework shows multi media shows. Acts are choreographed into a fireworks display. The special effects live components brings the show to the audience.

Jet skis are loaded with fireworks on a special design firing pod and skiers perform a human water skiing pyramid with silver fountains on the top and on the sides, all fireworks are computerised and fire to a choreographed music track to produce a unique water spectacular.

The spectacular features the following interactive components all choreographed to the fireworks:

  • A final countdown - 2 high speed ski boats driving in formation with silver candles being fired from the boats up to 200 feet high and then crossing boat paths in head-on formation at precisely midnight (or a specified time) to trigger the beginning of the fireworks display.
  • Firework Pyro jet skis - Fireworks mounted to jet skis to create streaks of light and pyro movement on the water.
  • 8 person, 3 tier human water ski pyramid - with large flags, costumes and special effects from the sides and the pinnacle of the pyramid.
  • The glow - A combination of 5 jet skis each carrying special effect pyro's and strategically placed fireballs to illuminate the water.
  • Ski lines - Water skiing lines with the skiers carrying large flags with silver and gold fountains fireworks revealing the sponsors logo.
  • Laser Jet ski - A worlds first lasers mounted in jet skis

Jack Ellison

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