Water Ski Shows

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Spectacular Day Shows

An Australian and International water based events company, H2O has been directing, creating and producing water ski shows for more than 25 years.

Jack Ellison and his team of international performers offer the following turnkey choreographed shows for:

  • Conferences Product launches
  • Theme park installation
  • Film & Television industry
  • Live interactive productions
  • Corporate and special events
The shows come as a complete package tailored for any needs or themes within Australia or at any requested International location.

Special Effects Night Shows

Jack Ellison H2O Events has pioneered and are world leaders in designing and producing live interactive water ski and firework shows multi media shows. Acts are choreographed into a fireworks display. The special effects live components brings the show to the audience.

Jet skis are loaded with fireworks on a special design firing pod and skiers perform a human water skiing pyramid with silver fountains on the top and on the sides, all fireworks are computerised and fire to a choreographed music track to produce a unique water spectacular.

The spectacular features the following interactive components all choreographed to the fireworks:

  • A final countdown - 2 high speed ski boats driving in formation with silver candles being fired from the boats up to 200 feet high and then crossing boat paths in head-on formation at precisely midnight (or a specified time) to trigger the beginning of the fireworks display.
  • Firework Pyro jet skis - Fireworks mounted to jet skis to create streaks of light and pyro movement on the water.
  • 8 person, 3 tier human water ski pyramid - with large flags, costumes and special effects from the sides and the pinnacle of the pyramid.
  • The glow - A combination of 5 jet skis each carrying special effect pyro's and strategically placed fireballs to illuminate the water.
  • Ski lines - Water skiing lines with the skiers carrying large flags with silver and gold fountains fireworks revealing the sponsors logo.
  • Laser Jet ski - A worlds first lasers mounted in jet skis
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H2O Multi Media Components:

H2O has design an on-water communication system to bring together a multi media show on the water which includes:

  • Propane fire ball effects
  • Water screen
  • Water lighting
  • Lasers

The Show

Jack Ellison H2O Events produces themed Water Ski Spectaculars such as the Baywatch Water Ski Show at Darling Harbour and "The Greatest Show on H2O!"®.

Other major productions produced by H2O Entertainment include the Australia Day Council and the New Years Eve Millennium Spectaculars Australia wide. The shows feature an international professional team performing a world class water ski show called the "Greatest Show on H2O!"®;   

Some of the exciting high impact acts include:-

  •     Spectacular aerial wakeboarding
  •     Beautiful swivel skiing ballet on water
  •     High speed barefoot water skiing
  •     Multiple water skiing with flag lines
  •     National flags and/or sponsors' logos
  •     Stunt kites - 12 precision flyers
  •     Freestyle water ski jumping
  •     Hang gliders flying 1000 feet high
  •     Hydro-foiling - A spectacular flying device
  •     Pyramids - 8 person, 3 tiers high
  •     High speed precision boat driving acts
  •     Jet Ski routines and stunt riding

Jack Ellison

Mobile Australia: +61 (0) 415 442340
Mobile China: +86 158 1339 7707
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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